D37 derailleur hanger for Diamondback response topanga sorrento

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D37 derailleur hanger for DIAMONDBACK response topanga sorrento
A must have spare part !
Manufactured using CNC technology by Pilo
Anodized, 6061 T651 aluminum
Small bolt included

2008 - Lux, Override, Response, Recoil, Overdrive
2006 - Response, Comp, Sport, Coil EX, XSL, Trail
2005 - Assault, Axis, Apex, Topanga Comp, XSL (Comp, Trail, Elite), SL Super, Coil EX, Response (Sport), Wildwood (Deluxe)
2004- Response, Topanga EX, Carolina, Topanga Comp, Apex Coil EX, XSL, XSL Trail, XSL Comp, SL Super, Wildwood, Wildwood DLX, AXIS Frame
2003- Sorrento, Response, Topanga Carolina, Topanga Comp., Topanga Comp Disc, Apex Coil SS, XSL, XSL Trail, SL Super, Wildwood, Wildwood DLX, Miramar, Ventura , AXIS Frame
2002- Topanga, Topanga Comp, Wildwood Deluxe, Oakpoint, Crestview
2001- XTS Series, Topanga Comp, Topanga, Response, Sorrento Sport, Oak Point
2000- Crestview, Oakpoint, Response, Response Sport, Sherwood, Topanga, Topanga Comp, X-Link, X-2, X-6, XR-1, XR-8
1999- Expert, Response, Response SE, Sherwood, Team Issue, Topanga SE, Voyager (2, 3), XR-8, XR-4, X-10, X-6, X-2, Zetec
1998- Lakeside, Voyager (1, 2, 3) V-Link 1.2, V6, V8, V10, Zetec Comp, Team Issue
1997- Lakeside, Response, V-Link (PRO, 1.1, 3.1), Zetec ( Pro, 2.1, 4.1)

Please compare the picture to the hanger you have on your bike in order to find the right one or send us a photo

Our catalog number is D37

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Price €49.00
Brands Diamondback
Number Of Fasteners 2
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