1. Giro D'Italia

    Giro D'Italia
    Rush hour... new De Rosa derailleur hangers needed before the end of the month, for the Giro d'Italia.
    Brand new model, development from scratch, machining and anodizing in the speed of sound, good luck everyone
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  2. Over 700 different derailleur hangers

    Over 700 different derailleur hangers

    These days we are celebrating over 700 different types of derailleur hangers.

    It means that we are the biggest one-stop-shop in the world for derailleur hangers, when it comes to the size of diversity offered.

    Stock availability is very high, most orders are shipped with 24 hours

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  3. Industry meets Nature - new video

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  4. Doing our best

    Doing our best

    We are not perfect, but we're always hungry for improvement and accountability is a value that has to be backed up with actions.

    Our Belgian distributor got a call from a client who had broken one of our derailleur hangers. So yes, I could say the part did it's job and that's it, but we decided to check the design again and make some improvements, so the new design will compensate over the fact that the original part is made of steel while we only use aluminum.

    New design was tested and showed great results, dealer had our back because that's our DNA.

    Just give the service you want to get, and you're home free...

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  5. Pilo at Bike Park Hermon

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  6. When a rider loves our product... We just want to dance in the rain

    When a rider loves our product... We just want to dance in the rain

    When a rider loves our product... We just want to dance in the rain:

    I have installed my Fairy. It works perfectly. 
    I have a Sram Red 22 group set. I have 34-50 chainrings and a standard length rear mech.
    I was running an 11-28 cassette. Being old and fat, I wanted a lower gear for a Gran Fondo, that I intend cycling in the summer.
    I tried just using an 11-32 with my set up. I could not get it to work.
    I saw reviews of the Alpe Fairy and decided to give it a try.
    It took me about 2 minutes to instal it, another couple of minutes to get my new chain length correct and another few minutes to get 
    the B screw correctly set up.
    Everything is now running perfectly, no chain slack in 34-11 gear, and chain is not overly stretched in 50-32.
    All 22 gears are perfectly useable.
    The alternative to getting the Fairy would have meant buying a long cage Rear mech, which in Ireland for a Sram Red would have cost me €250.

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  7. Our new hanger for Orbea & XDS

    Our new hanger for Orbea & XDS

    Our new derailleur hanger for Orbea and XDS bike frames...another unique product because we are the BEST in our niche :-)

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  8. D132 Merida hanger

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  9. S10 link installation video - Italian

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  10. Frame Saver Installation Video

    Frame Saver Installation Video
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